Sylvester Turner

Mayor of the City of Houston

Break Free Hip Hop School is one of the nation’s first studios to teach all four elements of Hip Hop Culture - Breaking, Art, Djing, and Poetry. Break Free has effectively impacted the Houston community by building a new generation of artists, inspiring youth to strive towards positive ideals, and educate on the positive societal impact that Hip Hop has had on the world; and Break Free is expanding its efforts to communities across the globe by franchising and enacting programming in cities that will particularly benefit from positive Hip Hop Education.

Charlene Bohanon

This is an AMAZING community for the kids and parents. So much positivity and encouragement!! The entire staff go out of their way to make you feel welcome and the teachers are great role models for the kids and work with them on their level. We love Break Free!!

Eileen Thomas

Enroll and watch the evolution begin... Break Free is so much more than a dance studio. It’s a place of influence by leaders in a community who project passion, love and unity. A byproduct of classes will be a better quality of life and that’s not an overstatement. What you learn from them is more than a skill; it’s a skillset that will bleed into all aspects of your life. From being too shy to effortless expression, insecure to confident, unstructured to disciplined; what you build behind those doors cannot be expressed with words. It can only be experienced.

Mylinh Nguyen

Break Free was able to build confidence for my little shy girl to be able to dance for an audience. The instructors truly care for their students, building a relationship with her. Break free is truly one of a kind

Melody Walsh

Break Free has become like a second family to us. Everyone has been so warm, welcoming and dedicated to this community of artists. They not only teach the students at a high level of training and work ethic (because they are very much at the top in the world of their craft) but they are also genuinely people of integrity. I am so grateful my son gets to have these guys as examples in his life. What a gift.

Erika Romero

Amazing staff! They really build relationships with their students and parents and you can tell they care and are passionate about what they’re teaching the youth.

Jacob Schiff

My son started attending Break Free a year ago and it has been one of the most enjoyable and rewarding experiences he has had so far. From the very first time that we stepped into Break Free, Jeremy and the entire staff have not only made us feel welcome, but as part of their family. The school itself is one of the most professionally run organizations I have ever seen- through their outstanding communication and sincere desire to provide the best quality and experience for both the students and their families. Not only do they teach the love of hip-hop, but most importantly ALWAYS tie life lessons and values into every session. Several times I have been brought to tears by the amount of love and genuine interest when they speak to my son and all children, always so encouraging and motivating.

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