Surviv-ILL 2020 Championship: Registration

Surv Ill teaser FINAL

The Surviv-ILL format is a conceptual approach to bringing the essence of a raw battle to the competitive stage. Unlimited rounds - a test of strength, stamina, and style.

Registration is open NOW down below!

There are only two ways to lose under the format - if you give up, or if 2 out of the 3 judges "throw in the towel" for you (throwing in the towel designates that the judge believes the Bboy or Bgirl has lost the battle)

The SURVIV-ill Format activates for the TOP 4 of each bracket only - all prior rounds will be normal 1-2 round format with regular scoring/judging system.

Preliminary Round: Submit a round via Instagram (post on your feed) with the Hashtag #SurvivILLChampionship, or email your round to impact@breakfreeworldwide.com

There is no time limit for your round, and no special instructions besides throw your best round and do it with style.


October 9th: BGirl TOP 64 (battles down to the TOP 4) - 9AM CST Start Time (3pm London/10pm Hong Kong)

October 10th: BBoy Top 64 (battles down to TOP 4) - 9AM CST Start Time (3pm London/10pm Hong Kong)

October 11th: Surviv-ILL Global BBoy/Bgirl Championship (TOP 4 BBoy and Bgirl Bracket) - 9AM CST Start Time (3pm London/10pm Hong Kong)


Break Free GLOBAL (Top 64 awarded points on the Global Leaderboard)


$10K in Cash and Prizes - Awarded to 1st-4th place in each Bracket + "MVB" of each Bracket (Prize Breakdown TBA)


BFWW Series 2021 Competitor Registration



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