Breaking Classes

Create Your Escape - Breaking is a HIP HOP dance that will challenge you to cultivate your own personal style, and teach you the values of peace, love, unity and having Fun. The journey of a breaker begins with exposure to diverse activities that could become a hobby, with a potential for a long life experience with the Hip Hop culture. Foundational techniques which build strength, coordination, and challenge creativity are focused on at every level of the Breakin program.

boom bap toddlers

BOOM BAPS (Ages 3-6)

The Future. The next generation of leaders, artists, and individuals who can make an impact. Our Boom Bap program is designed across all art forms to nurture core values and significant developmental skills with each student.



The Foundation. Our beginner level classes act as a source of foundational knowledge and technique development for all inspiring artist and individuals. The beginner level curricula is fashioned to challenge, nurture, and grow each individual's understanding and passion for their perspective art form - setting them up for a potential future career path in the industry.



The Level Up. Intermediate level students have effectively built the framework of their artistic passion, style, and understanding of their craft. The intermediate level program sets students to dive into more conceptual, challenging lessons and assignments with their art-form, and places them on a trajectory to impact and inspire.



Powerful Impact. Action applied is the common theme throughout all Champion level programs. Champion students will be challenged to the their lessons, techniques and experiences to scenarios which will solidify their status as top-level artist within their craft. Opportunities in the performance and competitive field will be presented to students in the Champion program to support and reinforce their career path aspirations.



Paving the Way. The Pioneer program is an institute of certification that is designed to preserve and push the culture forward at the same time. Pioneer students will finalize their foundational understanding of all techniques, conceptual lessons, and historical context within their crafts. A concise overview of industry standards and professional practices are included within student intensives, and a Pioneers career path usefully actualized - leaving a trail for future generations to walk on.

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