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Battling or competing is the honest exchange between Breakers, Street Artists, Djs, and MC’s – an exchange of emotion, character, style, and skill. This was the alternative to violence or other negative acts. Although competitions have been around since the 80s, they are growing more and more every day.

Today, competition has become a highlight in the Hip Hop Community and has carved out many opportunities for artists to stay motivated within their artforms, through sponsorships, endorsement deals, championship events, and even at the grassroot level of ongoing residencies or jams.

Break Free Worldwide has been competing at the global level and has gained recognition as pioneers in the game since 1999. Break Free’s staff and artists continue to support the local scene and has collaborated with global partners to host major international events, regardless of the level you are in. The iBreakFree Experience will connect you with members from around the world and help you take your skills to the next level.

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