Leslie Gabriela Ramirez-Aguirre


Hi! My name is Leslie and I'm a 20 year old college student in Florida originally from Texas and Mexico. I'm currently majoring in Marketing and minoring in Music Technology at Stetson University. Since a young age I explored many different types of dance, from modern to belly dance, flamenco, jazz and ballet, performing at school parades, school festivals and at several family gatherings. At 15 as I was rehearsing for a performance from Broadway's "Chicago The Musical"  for a family birthday party, my dance professor showed me hip hop choreographies and absolutely fell in love and has been my passion ever since.  Throughout the years, I have practiced relentlessly at home and look up to several dancers as my inspiration such as Jennifer Lopez, Les Twins and Brian Friedman. As I'm retaking my path as a dancer from my home, my goal is to take my passion to the next level and attend hip hop school to become a performer and be able to compete. I'm currently enrolled taking dance courses with Turnnout dance.

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