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Jonathan Jay-WAN Hansen P


My breaking lineage is a combination of people who I danced with and inspirations. The first people who I danced with which was my first crew Riptide which included Josh "Elusive" Vinyard and Donald "Turtle" Brooks Jr., others were bboys and bgirls from Austin like Blitz, Omar, Romeo Navarro, Santos, Bgirl Militia Soliz. Then my old street dance crew that was once based in LA, Tatsuya Makito, Charles "Lil Buck" Riley, Take and Ron Myles. My many inspirations whom I've had the opportunity to meet, chill, train, get down with: Swiftrock, Zeshen, Adan, Jesus, Miguel, JB, Ken Swift, Alienness, Lilou, Cloud, Lil John, Moy, Born, Physicx, Thesis, bboy Joe, Taiyou, POE ONE, Stuntman and other Style Elements members, bboy Ata, Katsu (Ichigeki), Kreate, Menno, bboy Lego, Nasty Ray, the list goes on.

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