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The dedication to be involved in the Hip Hop Community has spanned over 25 years. The year of 2020 is the official opening of our Accredited Institute for Certification, that is rooted on the hard work and strong passion of our founder and his team from Break Free Worldwide. The premise of the institute is to bring the Hip Hop community into an accreditation process that builds a path to become a Certified Master. Our curriculum is guiding the learning path of all ages through different levels, starting from Boom – Bap, moving to beginners, then expanding into an intermediary level. Each level has 3 phases with multiple assignments that need to be completed and evaluated in order to advance to the next level. All students that graduate the intermediary levels are qualified to move to the Champions level for certification to become a Certified Master. Each class, in person or online, will have an Accredited Certified Master diploma issued by Break Free Worldwide, the Hip Hop Institute. The certification path is a key step to take have a personal learning experience at the highest standards as well as to start your career in this industry regardless of what art form you prefer. We are proud of our instructors, influencers, board of advisors and industry support to bring this Institute of Certification to our Hip Hop Community. Start your journey with us and let’s take our passions to new levels.

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